Here are some of the key players in the arsenal of volunteers at Tv15.

Wayne Garey StaceyChief of Operations, Head Producer  on enforced sabbatical
Wayne Gary Stacey


Dick Nitsky (*NEW STAFF MEMBER*)



Robert W Scabbage – Ass. dir., Set designer, Personality
Bob is one of Tv 15’s most distinctive fundaments. Recruited by his longtime friend Wayne Garey Stacey  to help make Tv 15 into a “next-gen” public access channel, “Bob” agreed to sell his lucrative movable-sign-board business to help his friend run the station full time.

“Bob” now hosts The Legends of the Past, a weekly show about legends and the past on Tv 15, along with Wayne. You probably also heard his voice and saw his face on many announcements, activities, and State Fair’s.

Bob is an avid cook, and plans to release a blog about salads and slaws entitled Scabbage’s Cabbages. In the meantime, you can view his primary blog (dedicated to logging types of logs) here.


Tron Scone – Head Technician, Craft Services Manager
Tron Scone

Click here for the audio version of Tron’s profile, courtesy of our local Pubic Radio!!

Tron spent most of his adult life as an engineer at General Electric, where he earned the respect of most of his peers and employers. Nonetheless, Mr. Scone’s heart always lay in custom-electronics, race-car/model train related arts, and ham radio (he has been called the Sultan of Single Sideband by more than one ham radio enthusiast publication).

After retiring from GE, Tron had an abundance of time on his hands, and so it was the perfect chance to give back to the community.  He knew he wanted to combine his skills in electronics with his desire to have his voice carried across the airwaves.  So he leapt at the chance to help Wayne Garey Stacey and Bob Scabbage rebuild the Tv 15 antennas and get the low-power signal back onto the airwaves.

When not fixing antenna hook-ups, Tron’s voice can be heard on ‘Sound of the Lakes,’ a weekly segment featuring poetry by Robert Frost and images and video of local nature spots.  He also oversees the Tv 15 craft services table.


Clint Brae – Sound board, boom mic operator
Clint Brae
Clint graduated from Mt. Vernon Community and Technical college with a major in Victorian Textiles and a minor in Sound Design. He joined the Tv 15 crew in 1997 and regularly attends staff barbecues.

Clint has appeared in numerous local theatre productions, including The Newton’s Apple Players’ The Music Man (as Tommy Djilas), Our Town (as ‘Man in the Auditorium’); and you may also have seen him as Mimi Marquez in the Elks Lodge production of Rent.

Click hear to here Clint when he filled in as host of Tv 15 last year.


Hal Shackley – Producer, Showrunner
Hal Shakley
Hal Shakley has been in the TV production business for over 6 decades. As a young man he worked as a runner for Tonight starring Jack Paar, which opened the door for him to serve as a gofer on numerous successful primetime television programs well into the 1970s.

In 1984 Hal left the network television world to lend his experience to public access stations around the Eastern seaboard, before finally landing at Tv 15 as producer and showrunner.

Hal is a regular contributor to the mail-magazine Bilderberg Watchdogs: Midwest and can be reached in his office Tue~Sun between the hours of 5 and 4.


Georgios San Pellegrino – Tech/online-media consultant, on-air talent
Bio unavailable


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