Here’s one from across the pond, shucks, I never knew Euro-dance music is so good..  And great message, too!

This was a recommendation from Georgios.  Thansk, Georgios, Aribadericci!



Well we’re on a secret mission for the whole United Nations
And our team is the dream elite
There’s an evil dictator with his finger on the trigger
So it’s time boys move your feetBlaster Master Super Trooper Ninja Boy and Cyber Cop
You can scale the Southern Wall
While me and Sgt. Danger and the Walker Texas Ranger
Will distract those guys and stallBut before we all can go I just really gotta know
that can trust that we’re on the same page
So line up you watches boys and check the time
Let’s synchronize and go to the next stageLet’s Synchronize
Gotta Synchronize
Come on Synchronize
SynchronizeWell my lade started working at a brand new job
She was writing for a wedding magazine
And because of the nature of the relevant subject matter
it was mainly a ladies scene

and all the chicks of the office spent every day together
writin’ articles and makin’ calls
They had ladies night and even Karaoke
after work hangin out in bars

Well after few months of all of this lady time
My girl noticed something strange
That all of these working girls periods
Started happening the very same day

They’d Synchronized
Yeah Synchronized
Ladies synchronize
Said synchronized

Well there’s synchronized watches
synchronized swatches
synchronized swimming and
synchronized women

You can synchronize your hips
and synchronize you lips
you can synchronize a beat
and sync your funky feat

Well there’s a lotta things in this great big world
that move together, as if they was one
So let’s you and me girl synchronize our worlds
and get and have a little fun

let’s synchronize
baby synchronize
I wanna synchronize
synchronize with you..

I gotta synchronize with you
looking in your eyes so blue
nothing else that I can do