Ahh, well.. This is Bob Scabbage here, and before I write down the school lunch menus and announcements, perhaps I should clear the air about what recent changes we’ve had at Tv15 (quite a lot), including the bad and unfortunate events of dismissal of Wayne Garey Stacey from the Tv15 crew.

So Don Gundersen from our parent/destributer Mindstorm inc. has sent us a new staff from the greater Chicago area (Dick), and sadly Wayne and he (Dick) had some conflicts of agreements. Then he (Wayne) told Dick that he (Dick) could go “forget about himself” or something to that extent, so Wayne took off in a huff and he (Dick) is now runnin’ the show.

Anyway, I’m a man of faith and I have faith that Wayne’ll be back soon and he’ll take some of dick’s advice and things’ll be back to normal around here lick-t-split. But in the meantime you can still injoy this week’s episode where there’s some nice music and I update the folks about holiday school lunches.

Oh and I think our British announcer guy quit too…

– Bob Scabbage

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