history mead

An afterhours bonus with the head honchos of Tv15, Wayne Garey Stacey & Bob Scabbage reading poetry in trochaic hexametere and taking another crack at the topic of Mead and it's various facets, including Bragget, Sacmead, Trojniac, anaerobic treatment, 50 ...Read More

Legends of the P

Legends of the past hosted by Wayne G Stacey and Robert Scabbage, takes a trip to history, where men were warriors and had voluptuous greybeards... Read More

Tv15 episode 1.2 - Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the Park with Bob & Wayne, Tori O'Rora's 'Going Up: 13 Steps To Success,' Fender Bender - 'Pizza Nite', Summer's Cummin'... Get this episode onĀ iTunes! Read More