Lucky Ladies!

↑↑ Lucky Ladies!!

“So it’s the time of the year to empty our closets and chested drawers and give back to the community of listeners and fans that we love so much at Tv15 studioes. ☃

Who are they?
You, that’s who, you snowballs! ☃

So here’s the deal, goofballs:

1. Sign up for our mailing list.

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Which Are You?

2. Leave a comment on our iTunes page here: ☞ Tv15 Podcast on iTunes


*** The best comments win one of the following ***


  • ☞ Your face integrated seamlessly into an album cover of one of the bands played on the Tv15 podcast!!
  • ☞ A t-shirt with an album cover printed on it of your face or the face of your choosing, or any one of the album covers from songs played on Tv-15 since the first episode!!
  • ☞ An invite to a Tv15 writer’s session with us, the creators of Tv15!!
  • ☞ A Free Lifetime Pass to our Secret Tv15 writer’s room!!
  • ☞ A new song recorded about you or *for* you or your friend / loved one!!
  • ☞ A Special Access Pass To Commenting as any one of our staff members!!(We encourage you to carry on the persona of said staff member in your writing)!


How to win:

We’re looking for subtlety, humor, insightfulness and / or detail.

If your review entices strangers to listen to our show, we will reward you thusly!