Behind the Curtain

Catastrophe can strike anytime, anywhere. If it’s one thing the two blithe 50-something midwestern broadcasters of public access channel Tv 15 have learned in the past two years, it’s just that.

Bob Scabbage and Wayne Garey Stacey tackle technical issues, rifts among staff, FCC regulators and wrestle with political correctness in a world that has long whizzed past them and left not so much as a road map to the 21st century.

Tornadoes, the internet, the future, death -all equally threatening and inevitable inconveniences in the lives of these two aging luddites.

Listen to Bob & Wayne struggling to make sense of a fragmented world of religious cults, cowboy politicians, media conglomerates, motivational speakers and computers.

A world in which all they want to do is go to church on sunday, fish through a hole in the ice and talk about Medieval times, about making mead and good cantaloupe rinds.

In that order, over and over again, forever.


The Creators

Tv 15 is an audio/visual project conceived, written, performed, edited and produced by us:


Joshua S. Lundquist (voice of Wayne Garey Stacey), musician and content creator @ An Incredible Waste of Timechris2

Christopher W. Nelson (voice of Bob Scabbage), musician and voice-actor.

We both live in Tokyo, Japan.

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