Trish Tucker's Country Line Dancing Download: Read More

Bob's FB How to

Courtesy of Wayne's Skipping Stones blog here is how to put a Facebook on your picture! There's a lots of info, so please open some time to watch it if you want to master it. Read More

damage broken tv15 antenna

Catastrophe can strike anytime, anywhere. If it's one thing the two blithe 50-something midwestern broadcasters of public access channel Tv 15 have learned in the past two years, it's just that.   ☞ Read the rest of the expose over here ! !     Read More

Onan & The Little Warrior

Here's a song by Onan & The Little Warrior, as featured in Episode #2.3, the song is titled "Feelin' Real Good On Yourself." We're hoping these young guys will come into the studio and let us do an interview some time. Read More


Here's one from across the pond, shucks, I never knew Euro-dance music is so good..  And great message, too! This was a recommendation from Georgios.  Thansk, Georgios, Aribadericci! Lyrics Well we're on a secret mission for the whole United Nations And our team is ...Read More


Psychedelic Western, Deer Murders, Tv15's New Controversial Topics, Leprechaun Dream, Eurasian Milfoil, Diversity, Kum & Smile's Special News, Synchronyzed Women & Synchronyzed Swimming. Music available for free at Bandcamp! Get this episode on iTunes! Read More


Come on down to Cahootz! "Nothin' unexpected gonna happen at Cahootz'" says Blon Dooth of Iowa. See for yourself and come down! Tuesday is Junior Citizen discount day! Read More

Bob & Wayne Season 2 Ep 2

Tv 15 turns a new leaf as Bob and Wayne branch out for Season Too! Our new programming will have you barking up the right tree! So begins the second of many fruitful seasons (touch wood) only on Tv 15! ...Read More

Tv 15 Pubic Access Podcast

Beat the heat with Bob and Wayne in Tv 15's coverage of this year's state fair! Fry up some beer and grab a Philly-cheese-stick, as Season 1 comes to a thrilling clothes! With music by Fender Bender and the Durberville ...Read More

Tv15 episode 1.7 - Computer Games Today

Bob & Wayne have some BIG news about Tv 15, high quality cantaloupe, and micro cassette poetry. Plus a full episode of Computer Games Today with Seth! featuring the Jesus-adventure King of King's Quest. Music from ². Get this episode on iTunes! Read More