Cop Talk

MINDSTORM® presents a classic ad from their archive, and Police Sgt. Elm "Tracker" Tucker gives us a "spoiler alert" concerning his new show Cop Talk Live! Don't miss our quality progamming! Read More


MINDSTORM® AUSTRALIA brings you this in depth look at the new Polair 4! This ain't your bog-standard Copper Chopper mate! Take a squizz at this and see if it's not your bowl of rice. Bonzer!...   Read More

Tv15 episode 1.7 - MINDSTORM

MINDSTORM® brings a variety of goods & services to your home, including MINDSTORM Laser Rage™ Security System, The MINDSTORM Encouráge PC 600 Study Computer, and Nutrisco® Brand Food Products for Kids™ Get this episode on iTunes! Read More


Aired locally on tuesday, Trish Tucker's Country Line Dancing Instruction with live footage of Darryl The Heavy Sweaters at the Old Lyons Den on Fridley Wy in Durberville. Read More

men's pants

Commercial Spot, 1 minute 45 seconds : Local sponsor Carl's Western Wear in the North Ridgerimm Shopping Center.... Read More

Tv15 episode 1.6 - Catch McFifthswish

Computering Games Today, Men's Pants 1/2 Off, Farmer's Almanac profiles Catch McFishwith. Thank you to The Sons & Daughters of McNapsnitch Campaign for their support, great goup of guys!! Get this episode on iTunes! Read More


Paid for by the Church of Divination of Supreme Mentality & Vector Soft Home Video... Read More


The Church of Divination of Supreme Mentality (DSM) disects the truths and peace orbs of High Lord Kevlar. Host Kevin Rae interviews guest Braye about the Darkling Serenity. Contact us soon to achieve reductions in constrictions and increase your Speca ...Read More

Episode 1.5 - Church of Divination of Supreme Mentality

This Episode is Sponsored by C.D.S.M. & The Mindstorm Group. All Ownership & Praise be to Lord Almagest & The Kevlar Serenity.... Get this episode on iTunes! Read More


This year we will highlight a number of local artisans and even heros. Including one hero and that is Chet Goodwynn (a.k.a. "Chance Goodheart"), a local man who turned a tragedy into a top 40 pop hit in an act ...Read More