Hello, this is Wayne Garey Stacey  Dick Nitsky program manager in chief here at Television 15 studios in Durberville.  I welcome you warmly to our home in cyberspace.

The Critics are Raging about Tv 15!

“Tv 15 may have lost its antennas to a tornado, but its transition to “webcasting” has made it one of the most intriguing public access shows on the internet…”
– Analog Ranch

“A podcast you could put your kids to bed to, and not worry about them having nightmares like all those other shows…”
– Luddites Wanted

“These two public access mavericks navigate through 12 minutes of fresh quality content that will entertain all ages and keep the fishing boat rocking with laughter…”
– Heavy Access Monthly

“Really glad someone handed these two guys mics and a parabolic antenna!”
– Public Access Power Magazine

“The best thing to happen to public access since the Cathode Ray Tube! No joke!”
– Hal Shackley, Tv 15

“Tv 15 may well be the best thing no one’s never invented. It’s a bit like having your favorite childhood snacks pureed in a food processor, chilled, and poured directly into your ear by an aging spinster.”
– Programmer’s Parade

Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Meat Raffle. Potato Faces. Eating Quizno’s in a phone booth with the holy ghost above…
– Cable’d

“Remember those public access cable channels that nobody paid attention to? One channel just packed that into a 12 minute long podcast.”
– Huh! Magazine

“I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Holy heck! This is the best audio recreation of a public access channel I’ve ever heard!’”
– Ched Skruhle, KBWD Durberville

“Poorly balanced mics, jilting cuts that don’t sound intentional, a mishmash of different kinds of programs make this a disorienting piece of unfinished work…”
– Anonymous

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